September 6, 2017

Immigration and Sanctuary Support from the Cathedral

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The Cathedral is open to all who wish to enter our sacred space regardless of immigration status.

Ongoing Resources & Support
Clergy conversations
Members of the clergy are available for confidential conversations about all sorts of topics, including immigration status. If you or someone you know wants to speak with someone about questions of immigration status, recently announced changes in DACA, or any other personal or spiritual subject, the Cathedral and its clergy provide a safe pace where they can talk. What is said in those conversations will never be shared.
(Text adapted from the Rev. Mariclair Partee Carlsen)

Sanctuary resources
If you are worried about your immigration status or are wondering about ways in which you can help those who are, the Diocese of New York is keeping an updated list of resources on Sanctuary. You can find that list here.

Upcoming Events
Know Your Rights workshops
Join us on September 21 and November 16 for a guide to knowing and protecting your rights in interactions with law-enforcement and immigration officials, including some workshops especially for immigrants of whatever legal status.

Social Justice Talks
Throughout the fall, we'll hear directly from refugees, undocumented immigrants, formerly incarcerated persons, and those who have worked with them in order to learn about their experiences, the ways we can provide support, and to figure out the way all of our stories fit together. We'll also provide trainings for lay leaders and clergy members to learn tools and gather resources to raise awareness in their respective congregations.

To learn more, visit our calendar.

Introductory Spanish and English Classes
Beginning October 10, we'll host a free six-week series of introductory English and Spanish classes. The English class will provide a basic introduction to conversational English for anyone who wants to communicate with their neighbors, workmates, social service providers, and others. The Spanish class is particularly meant for those who want to communicate with Spanish-speaking people in parish contexts, though it will be helpful for everyone in need of basic Spanish.