March 27, 2016

An Easter Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine as we celebrate Easter!

Today we add our voices to those over the generations who have proclaimed, “Alleluia, Christ is risen indeed!”

This passage from death into life was revealed to us that first Easter, but it becomes a way of life when each of us finds God mighty to save us. In Christ’s Resurrection, the Promise that nothing can separate us from Divine Love is seen and kept.

There is a Divine Rhythm of life: things that are cast down are raised up, what grows old is made new, and what dies is given New Life!

All across this planet we see how violence and hatred infect God’s plan of salvation, which is that abundant life is meant for all. There are forces that pull us and others of God’s children away from that Love. Easter shows us that darkness cannot overwhelm God’s plan of Salvation. What attacks human freedom and dignity will never have the last word.

The world needs us to be Easter people, who can face the horror of the Cross and the realities of abuse and slavery, and challenge their authority and power. That is how we can embrace this victory through which Christ redeems the world.

And as this great Cathedral invites people, across faiths and cultures, to enter and to discover that Promise in their own way, may all of us become agents of that redemption, as we build up a world transformed by God’s love.

Then we will hear anew the Easter Joy, “Alleluia” — Christ is, again, “risen indeed!”