September 22, 2020 - 3:37 PM

Museum From Home: The Cathedral in Context

This self-guided tour features highlights of a popular two-hour guided tour offered by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine called “The Cathedral in Context.” It showcases some of the architectural gems and interesting historical facts found near the Cathedral.

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STOP #1: Amsterdam Avenue Overview – (on the stairs of the Cathedral – 112th Street and Amsterdam Ave.)
STOP #2 St. Luke’s Hospital – (113th Street between Amsterdam Ave. and Morningside Dr.)
STOP #3 Eglise de Notre Dame – (114th Street and Morningside Dr.)
STOP #4 Morningside Park – (116th Street and Morningside Dr.)
STOP #5 Carl Schurz Statue – (116th Street and Morningside Dr.)
STOP #6 President’s House – (116th Street and Morningside Dr.)


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