During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cathedral educators and volunteers are bringing the insightful tours we are known for into the digital world! From new takes on traditional favorites to deep dives into lesser known pieces, there's a wealth of opportunity to explore the Cathedral virtually.

And be sure to keep an eye on our calendar for information about upcoming digital programming, including virtual Vertical Tours, Close Looking Salons, family holiday workshops and more.

Featured Virtual Visits

Experience the Cathedral

A 360° Tour

Explore what the Cathedral looked like in 2014, during Phoenix: Xu Bing at the Cathedral.

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The Great Rose Window

Virtual Tour

The Cathedral's Great Rose Window is one of our most iconic elements, even inspiring our logo, but from the ground it's easy to miss all of the details that make this window truly unique. Mia Michelson-Bartlett, manager of visitor services, walks us through some of the more interesting parts of the fourth largest rose window in the world.

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Who is St. John the Divine?

A Virtual Tour

Senior Guide Tom Fedorek tackles another one of the most asked questions at the Cathedral: Who is St. John the Divine?

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Cathedral Stained Glass

Virtual Tour

Stained glass is a playground for the sun, and if you've ever visited the Cathedral on a winter afternoon, you know that the combination of sun and glass means apparent rainbows about. The Cathedral's Ruth Whaley explains how light plays an important role in the experience and structure of our building.

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Cathedral Close & Peace Fountain

Virtual Tour

To celebrate #NationalTakeAWalkInTheParkDay on March 30, we created a virtual walk through the Cathedral's Close with a spotlight on Artist in Residence Greg Wyatt's Peace Fountain.

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Cathedral Subway Station?


Have you heard the urban legend that there used to be a subway station under the Cathedral? Senior guide Tom Fedorek looks into how these rumors originated and the very real connection between the Cathedral and the MTA New York City Transit, with special shout outs to Madeleine L'Engle, Grand Central Terminal, and the Bronx Zoo.

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Portal of Paradise

Virtual Tour

The Cathedral's Portal of Paradise on the Western Facade is one of the most seen and most misunderstood features of this great building. In this four part series, senior guide Tom Fedorek takes a closer look at the Portal to get beyond the misconceptions.

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Children's Activities

How to Make Texture Rubbings at Home


A favorite activity for workshops at the Cathedral is for groups to make texture rubbings from surfaces inside our great building in the tradition of pilgrims across the world. In this video, we show you how you can texture rubbings in your own home--a fun craft project for an indoor day that can help you see your space in a whole new way!

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Reduce, Reuse, and Build


Wondering what to do with all those cardboard boxes and empty toilet paper rolls laying around? This architecture workshop for children helps you reduce, reuse, and...build your very own Cathedral using the same principals that built our great structure.

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Additional Tours

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For info on private, socially-distanced group tours of the Catehdral, check our Hours & Information.

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