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Sunday, January 26

Radical Love Live

Sunday, January 26, 2020
7 PM - 8:30 PM

Radical Love Live is an innovative series of live events and in-depth podcasts exploring human spirituality from a fresh perspective, beyond ideology and institutions. Based at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and produced in partnership with the Congregation of Saint Saviour, each event will consist of presentations and discussions with featured speakers, interstitial music, and spiritual practice.

Speakers and Performers
Maria French, teacher and innovator, and Executive Director of Hatchery LA
Dr John Thatamanil, Associate Professor of Theology and World Religions at Union Theological Seminary
The Brilliance, artists who "create art that inspires empathy…Inspired by neoclassical music, their sound is built on piano and string arrangements and rarely follows traditional pop form.”

Hosted by Kelly Wilson and Mark Dilcom

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