The Cathedral is pleased to welcome choirs from around the world to perform in our majestic space.

Sunday Worship

Liturgical Choirs may apply to join the Cathedral Choir for the 4 pm Evensong services. Interested choirs should fill out this form to apply.

Post-Evensong Choral Recital

Liturgical or secular choirs are invited to sing a 45-minute post-Evensong recital of sacred choral music from December through February. The program may either be a cappella, or accompanied by the organ (no piano). Concerts begin at 5 pm, following Choral Evensong sung by the Cathedral Choir. Post-evensong recitals are regarded as an integral part of the liturgical offering.

Interested choirs should fill out this form to apply.

Choir Sings

The Cathedral also offers informal opportunities for choirs to perform Monday – Saturday. For more information on Choir Sings, you may download our comprehensive guide.

Date of Evensong Request

Conductor & Administrator


Examples from the last few years. Please list residencies, etc.
Examples from the last five years that might be suitable at St. John the Divine

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